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Region 4 - Coventry End of Year SSE Celebrations

Sunday, 7th July 2013 was the end of year SSE Celebrations Assembly. The peaceful morning began with the children and Gurus singing beautiful universal prayers.

Kalpanaben warmly welcomed all the parents who were present and explained how the day would unfold. All the children from each group were going to present their thoughts and ideas about how SSE has helped them this year and what aspects of SSE they thoroughly enjoyed. Group 3 were going to share information they had researched and learned. As the children had planned their own individual talks, it was going to be a surprise for all.

Nursery (aged 4-5) and Group 1 (aged 6-9) children began the presentations with the youngest member, Kulam age 5, who shyly revealed that he was good boy, now that he attends SSE. Amrita expressed the importance of practising prayers for her. Menagaa said, now that she has been taught how to meditate, she meditates regularly. Neha talked about how much she enjoyed being with everyone in class and doing the role plays. Role plays are important for younger children, as it helps them to understand the message in the story. Krishan talked about how SSE has given him the courage and confidence to speak in public. He explained that during Shivratri festival, he was able to stand in front of a large audience and deliver a speech confidently. He felt this was as a result of attending SSE. Aingaran talked about how he puts Baba’s teachings into practice. The final speaker for the group was Canaga, who mentioned how much she had enjoyed taking part in national programmes such as Eswaramma Day, which was held in Hatfield. When programmes are celebrated on a national level, children have the opportunity to meet other like minded children of similar age.

It was a very exciting and proud moment for the parents who attentively listened to what their child was about to share.

Then Group 2 children (aged 9-12) started with Manay, who shared an anecdote with the parents about the Golden Heart. He concluded with some interesting points such as - always look at the bigger picture. Kishan talked about the significance of prayers. Baba says,” Prayers are important as they are the direct communication line to God.” Children in SSE learn new prayers with their meanings. Shyaami explained how each human value can be put into practice in our day to day life, for example, by doing the right thing everyday, is to have right conduct. This was really interesting to hear, as it came from her heart.

Dhruv researched the topic of ‘A Healthy Body’. He shared so many interesting facts about how one should eat a balanced diet; exercise both spiritually and morally. He explained the significance of the 5 human values in keeping a healthy body and mind. It was fascinating to hear how Dhruv managed to tie the key points of being healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and how they are important to a healthy body.

Finally the last group (aged 12-15) - Aman and Darshan presented their researched SSE topic. This was full of fascinating facts about the Indian Culture and History. They found out that Indian architecture is influenced by the different cultures in India; they went on to discuss the music, instruments, the different types of food and languages in India and how cultural interaction has led to ‘Unity in Diversity’.

Following the presentations, Hasuben and Kishorbhai presented every child with a certificate, a gift and a quote from Baba. The children received them with appreciation.Kishorbhai (the Centre Chair) thanked Hasuben (SSE Coordinator) and all the teachers for their hard work and extended his gratitude to the parents, for regularly bringing the children to SSE. Kalpanaben was appointed the new SSE Coordinator, who equally thanked the parents for their continued support. Hasuben presented the Gurus with gifts as a gesture of thanks and parents also presented Gurus with flowers.

Swami says, “Acharya Devo Bhavo.”

The programme finished by singing the melodious Aarti, with the all the children linking together to perform the Aarti. Following the Aarti, the food prayers were sung. Children and parents all celebrated the end of yet another exciting year of SSE by part taking in all the different, homemade, delicious dishes brought in by parents and Gurus. Everyone had a good time. We thank Swami for guiding us and filling our lives with love and bliss.

By: Meena Matharu, SSE Parent.