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My Baba and I

My Baba and I

‘Sai Anandam 2013’ was my first trip to the abode of our beloved Bhagawan after He left His physical form. The sadhana plan for this trip included Likhitha Japam (Writing Swami’s Divine Name – ‘Om Sai Ram’) and the activity helped me to focus more and more on the name of Sai Rama. Baba wiped out the sadness, the disturbance and the physical form from my mind.

For me, this trip to Prashanthi with the wonderful group was a life-changing trip. The pilgrimage was jam-packed with talks by esteemed speakers on their intimate individual experiences of with our Lord and they transformed my perspective on the Divine. Also the various local trips (like Trayee, Brindavan) organised during the pilgrimage gave me a new insight into the Love of our Lord through His Leelas.

I am continuing writing the Lord’s name as I have found it is helpful when connecting with our Lord Sai. I also urge all the SSE children like myself to grab the opportunity as it is a guaranteed to be a life changing experience.

By Kesavan Sivanesan
SSE Group 3
Mill Hill Sai Centre
Region 3