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National Sai Retreat 2013 - A Balvikas Experience

This year the National Sai Retreat was held in North Wales, Llandudno next to the beautiful beach from the 30th August to 1st September.

There were two groups, the adults and the children and everyone enjoyed themselves very much. The guests were Shree Rathnakar garu who is Swami’s nephew, Uncle Arun Panda and Ajit Popatji who has had many interviews with Swami! As a child I’m going to tell you what the SSE children’s wonderful exciting activities were.

The SSE children started their amazing activities on the 31st August. We had yoga early in the morning. After breakfast we read a story called the rainbow fish. Next we did a wonderful seascape collage to do with the rainbow fish. We produced a wonderful art collage with fish and stingrays to coral. We even used real seashells from the beach to stick on. What I learnt from this was teamwork and working in harmony.

After lunch we walked to Bodafon farm, where we went on a colossal tractor for a ride around the farm and we went to a play area. We looked at the birds of prey and there were owls’, eagles and hawks. After that we fed the goats and deer which was my favourite part of the retreat. What I learnt from this was sharing and caring with animals.

We came back, had a little break and then listened to some melodious bhajans in the huge arena, had dinner and went to bed.

The next day we woke up early in the morning to go to suprabhatam, morning prayers and then to yoga. After breakfast we did seascape again but this time in dance and movement, for waves we moved our arms up and down in a special sequence. I learnt about teamwork from this activity.

Next we went to the arena and received certificates from Shree Rathnakar garu and took a picture. We had lunch and left for home with bliss. I’m looking forward to attend the retreat next year.

Adithya Kunigiri (9)
Group 2 Year 1
Region 4