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National Sai Retreat 2013 - Harmonious Bliss for Balvikas Students

This year the UK Sai Family went to Llandudno, North Wales for the National Sai Retreat. I went this year as well as last year and each year the retreat is getting much more fun! This years two guests were Sri Ratnakargaru, Swami’s nephew, and Ajit Popatji, who Swami called Puppet!

This retreat was excellent for children as we could meet our old SSE friends from different regions. The organisers made extra fun activities for the children while the talk was going on for adults in the main hall. Children went later on for some time every day to listen to the harmonious Bhajans, music and dance. Here I am going to tell you about activities to balvikas children…

In the morning the children had yoga, which is extremely good to make you concentrate more at work and at school. The next activity on the first day was to make a seascape art collage where we heard a story of the ‘Rainbow Fish’. What I learnt from this was to work together in a team in harmony. For the collage we all got rocks, pebbles and seaweed from the beautiful beach to stick on.

After the luscious lunch, all the children went to Bodafon Farm. When we got there we went on an amazingly huge tractor up the hill to the actual farm. There was a park in which we all played in and there were owls, eagles and even hawks!!!! After the park we went to feed the goats and deer, which was thoroughly enjoyable. Then we went on another tractor ride!!!! This ride went near other animals such as the sheep and ram, and the cows. We even saw a calf drinking its mothers milk which was so cute! We all strolled back to the hall in the evening to listen to the harmonious Bhajans and had a delicious dinner.

The following day we did yoga as usual, had breakfast and started our daily activities where we did seascape through dance and movement. After we finished that we went back to the hall to listen to some melodic Bhajans and collected our certificates from Sri Ratnakargaru and had lunch, which ended our wonderful time at the National Sai Retreat in Llandudno. I hope to come again next year.

Jai Sairam

Ankitha Kunigiri (10)

Group 2 Year 2

7th September 2013