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Education Wing - My Baba and I

Swami plays an integral part in my life and I hold on to the fact that He says: “I shall be with you, wherever you are, guarding you and guiding you. March on, have no fear.” Through all life’s adversities and successes, Swami has been that constant presence in my life, especially when I needed Him the most., knowingly and unknowingly.

I was fortunate to have been born into a family of Sai devotees, and with my father being a Hindu priest, my upbringing was considered to be more “stricter or restricted” compared to that of my friends. As I was growing up my parents lovingly instilled in me the values of duty, discipline, love of sacred scripture, service to community and involvement in many of the temple activities and the activities of the Sathya Sai Organisation of South Africa, especially in the SSE programme in Durban. With Swami’s abundant grace and the loving encouragement from my parents, I excelled on the sports field and academically too as a student, both in school and university.

Now, being a SSE teacher has enriched my everyday work with focus and joy, by helping to entrench the important human values in my life, as I endeavour to be an example and to teach the children these very lessons. In life we all have to face hardships in our family life, workplace, in our relationships and friendships - so how do we keep our faith and experience His presence in our daily lives?

For me , it is by attending and getting involved in centre/group activities, in Regional and National activities, attending SSE trainings, helping at Health Awareness Clinics and medical camps, doing my own personal Sadhana (Silent sitting especially helps to quieten my mind) and reading Sai literature (which helps give me the answer when I most need it!). All of this gives me the strength, focus, courage, confidence, motivation and acceptance of what life has to offer. It is certainly not as easy as it sounds, but it gives me the encouragement to continue on my spiritual journey.

An important lesson is that Swami is always with us as the Eternal Witness, and be it whether I’m at work or with friends and family, I have to watch what I say, think or act.

I am eternally grateful, humbled and thankful that I have Lord Sai in my life, and all my accomplishments is due only to His Grace. My prayer to Swami is that He remains always in my life, guiding me along my spiritual journey ,helping me to practice what I have learnt and to serve others to the best of my ability, working as His instrument.

As Swami says :” All work is God’s :- He inspires, He helps, He executes, He enjoys, He is pleased , He reaps, He sowed.”

Nuleen Panday
SSE Teacher and Regional SSE Coordinator
Region 6