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Region 6 - SSE Training

SSE training was held in Folkestone Sai Centre on 7th August. The audience was an interactive group of youth and children. We were privileged to have a dedicated day on Sathya Sai Education in the presence of speakers and SSE gurus all of whom travelled a great distance to be with us.
The turnout of children, youth and adults on the day was impressive. The day served dual-purpose - to give children a taster of the SSE classes and potential SSE teachers to gain insight into the methods and application of SSE teaching. The Gurus were exhorting the glory of Swami throughout the day, promoting devotion and love.
The day started with a Ganesh bhajan and the children were immediately engulfed in the sessions. The various forms of teaching – silent sitting, meditation, prayers, bhajans, story-telling and group activities were covered on the day.
The children were attentive and participated in active thought processing, analysing morals of the stories told and group activities. There was excitement amongst the youngest of the members when working on a cross word puzzle with comments such as ‘I like this’, ‘I am going to join Bal Vikas, are you?’
With Swami’s blessing the centre will flourish with regular SSE classes. Following this successful session on SSE, Folkestone Centre will be holding its first Bal Vikas class on 4th of September. An experienced teacher will support the centre with SSE classes every month. As prospective teachers, we learnt a lot on the day and are very enthusiastic in taking this forward. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Uncle Mahesh, Aunty Vidyu, Uncle Chung and Sister Nila for a wonderful and educative day in a very entertaining manner.

Lisha Siwa & Leena Siwa
Folkestone Centre SSE and Youth Coordinators