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Youth Wing - Sai Smaran: The Connection between You and God

Sai Smaran, was a memorable day of powerful reverberating bhajans that recharged our spiritual batteries and helped us contemplate on our dear loving beloved Bhagawan. Amidst the rush of our busy and chaotic daily lives, the Sai Smaran event was the perfect ticket to a place of peacefulness, an atmosphere of pure love and a chance to meditate on our Lord for hours on end.

After travelling from far and wide, brothers and sisters from all 8 regions all over the country were welcomed into the wonderfully decorated venue at Sandbach (region 5) with Swami’s beautiful picture set up everywhere to watch us and guide us through the unforgettable event.

There was a sense of passion and excitement on arrival as smiles stretched across devotees’ faces waiting for the event to begin. Walking into the exquisitely decorated hall and sitting down in front of Baba brought a new feeling. As more and more devotees settled into the hall, there was a feeling of wholeness, a sense of the Sai family being reunited, a feeling of joy and happiness.

The event started with a surge of sublime energy. Vedam chanting brought a strong feeling of Unity and set the spiritual mood and positivity that carried on throughout the day. A short musical medley with flute accompanied with tabla was played to create a peaceful atmosphere and a chance to internalise. And then the time we had all been waiting for came, the hours of continuous bhajans were about to begin and the excitement could be felt by all as it filled the room.

All through the event, a dynamic video of Swami was projected on the screen for all to enjoy. Not only were our hearts filled with joy at seeing our divine Mother’s endless Love but it also created a feeling of Swami’s omnipresence. He is always there watching and guiding us on the right path. One need only look up at moments where the monkey mind was taking over and concentration was going astray to see our beloved Baba and bring us back on the right path. For devotees who could not make it to the event, the program was streamed Live online and over 750 people were able to feel the vibrations from afar and soak up the powerful energy.

When singing Bhajans, there is a feeling of indescribable bliss. When we fill our hearts with the love for God, nothing else around us matters. We are transported from this materialistic world and taken to a place of pure love with Baba. Our Swami gives us endless Love, instantly. It only takes a few minutes to sit up straight, close our eyes, contemplate on the Lord and feel His presence around. There was an exhilarating atmosphere all through the Bhajans. The instrumentalists played with so much enthusiasm and kept it going for hours on end. Devotees sang their hearts out.

Not only was there food for the subtle and causal bodies, but also our physical bodies were fuelled with a scrumptious breakfast that was made with so much love. The delicious lunch further fuelled us through the day and the food bags to take home were a delight.

What was particularly memorable was the picture of Baba at the altar. Upon admiring the picture, Baba’s eyes were particularly striking. It felt as though He was looking directly at you. As though the connection between you and God was one so powerful that it could not be severed. It reminded me of what was most important in my life; the relationship between me and my beloved Bhagawan. We all have such unique relationships with God but what we all are so fortunate to have is His endless Love and Grace. If we keep the Lord with us at all times, He showers His Love and helps us through times of difficulty.

Hours flew by, and as the closing Bhajans began, I couldn’t help feel a little sad that it would be over. But then, Swami reminded me that this doesn’t have to end. Such is the Love of Baba that we are fortunate to have so many activities all throughout the year. The goal was to take the vibrations and Love back to our homes and maintain it till the next time the Sai family will be united. No matter how difficult it would be, no matter how busy my life would be, I realised that the most important thing was to keep Swami with me at all times in my heart and He would guide me throughout my life. If we take one step towards Baba, he really will take ten steps towards you.

Sai Sreenidhi Ram
Sathya Sai Group, Liverpool