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Education Wing - ...Feeling Closer to Swami

The Sai Smaran Bhajans that took place on the 21st of September 2013, were the first Sai Smaran Bhajans that I have attended. I felt that the venue for the bhajans was fantastic and also the number of people that attended and took part in this national event was brilliant. A warm welcome from the National Chairperson, Kiran Patel set the tone for the occasion. The musical performance from Rajaram on flute and Girish bhai on tabla was melodious and very apt for this grand occasion.

Before the bhajans, the entire group chanted the 1st Anuvaka of the Rudram. It was really powerful and energetic as it was done in unison. This was followed by the bhajans that began at around 11 am. Every single bhajan, according to me, was sung at the highest level of ability and intensity. I was sat at the front during the bhajans and had an opportunity to play the dholak for few bhajans. I, personally, learnt a lot just by sitting next to the other brothers and watching them play the instruments.

The dedication with which they played the instruments in turns throughout the event was very inspirational. In fact, I was enjoying the bhajans so much that I didnít want them to end! I really enjoyed the bhajans and I came away feeling even closer to Swami than before. I am looking forward to participate in next Sai Smaran bhajans and am confident that it will be another invigorating and successful programme.

Prahalad Nadella
SSE Halifax