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Spiritual Wing - An Evening in the Company of Namdhari Sikh Community

On the 29th September, we were honoured to have been invited to a special Ardas and Kirtan session (prayer and hymn-singing) at the Namdhari Sikh Gurudwara in Birmingham. This prayer session was a part of the 109th annual session of Jap Prayog (Meditation on the Name of God), a 40 day period of prayer and meditation which Naamdhari Sikh communities all over the world observe every year with great vigour and dedication. A group of five of us joined the Sangat (congregation) of the Naamdhari Sikh community on this occasion.

The meaning of Naamdhari Sikhs is ‘One who invests oneself with the name of God (Naam Dhari); through the name of God, who has oneness with God’.

True to the name, I found the members very spiritual who strictly adhere and follow the teachings of the Sikh Gurus (teachers) under the Holy Guruship of Guru Ram Singh. The Naamdhari Sikhs are easily recognisable by their white clothing and by their method of tying the turban horizontally across their forehead. They also wear a rosary made of wool which helps in chanting the name. In fact, I found all of them seated cross legged, both young and the elderly in whites engaged in chants with the white rosary in their right hand. They are a very charitable community too, doing service projects in Africa and India.

It was a very humbling experience seeing their simplicity, broad heartedness, soft and sweet spoken language and their good mannerism.

It came to us as a surprise when Dr Veeru Mudigonda, our National Spiritual Coordinator was asked to share a few words with the congregation. Dr Veeru elaborated on the teachings of Bhagawan Baba in relation to the unity of all religions and of all humanity, based on Love for God and the Love of God. He shared with the gathering the importance that Bhagawan Baba gives to Naamasmarana (Chanting the Name of God) and Sankeerthana (congregational singing of the divine name), as these help us in connecting deeply with God and His Love wherever we are. He also highlighted Bhagawan Baba’s reference to Guru Nanak as the personage who introduced and popularised Bhajans (group devotional singing) and their potency in creating vibrations that purify the environment around and one’s mind. Dr Veeru concluded his short talk stressing on the importance of practising to live in Love with our fellow beings in our society, and thanked the organisers for the opportunity to interact on behalf of the Sathya Sai Organisation, which he hoped would be a lot more in the future.

Dr. Kiran Patel