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Region 7 - SSE Students Visit St Bartholomew

On Saturday 28th of September 2013, the SSE students from Royal Wotton Basset visited the St Bartholomew Church. In preparation for the visit, we had a lesson on Christianity, which included, the Life and the Teachings of Jesus Christ. We also learnt the hymn “Morning has Broken” and had a quiz afterwards.

As we walked to the church, we easily spotted the building which had a tall steeple and cross that was visible. We later learnt that the steeple pointed towards the heavens.

We were welcomed into the church by Father Thomas, who was very friendly and smiled as he greeted each of us, asking our names and where we came from. He took us to sit by the altar, and started by asking us to all join him in 2 minutes of silence. This felt very peaceful and quiet. Father Thomas then told us about the history of the church and explained the Bible stories that the stain glass windows depicted.

Father Thomas asked also about Swami’s teachings and the SSE lessons we attended. He was most pleased to hear that we were taught that there was only one God and that we respect all religions and worship God by all names and forms. He was also very interested in the 5 Human Values that Swami has taught us to practice. He was also impressed to hear Swami taught us that God was in the hearts of everyone and told us that Jesus too taught that, “The Kingdom of heaven is within You”.

Father Thomas said that the world was like an aquarium, and that we were all fish in it. All the fish were different looking and lots was going on, but also in the aquarium is God. He is the biggest fish and swims around quickly and we have to keep looking for Him and hope that we get at least a glimpse of him, or perhaps a glimpse of just his tail. And as we look into this aquarium from different sides, like the different religions, it may look different but is the same aquarium and we are all looking for that one Big fish, God.

One of the highlights of the trip for our younger brother and sisters was the opportunity to dress up in the church robes. They were very grand and colourful and Father Thomas explained the significance of the different colours worn on different occasions.

Father Thomas then played the church organ and we all sang, “Morning has Broken” together. It was a wonderful trip and we are eagerly awaiting our next visit. Father Thomas has given us an open invitation.

Urvika and Urvashi Patel