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Region 2 - Slough Sai Centre: Serve the Planet

Serve the Planet is a global service to commemorate the day of our beloved Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Avatar declaration day on October 20th. All overseas the Sathya Sai Organisations have committed to carry out this project under the leadership of Prasanti Council as a sacred offering of this wondrous day.

On this magnificent day in the year 1940 our Sri Bagawan had announced about his avatar to the World. He declared that the purpose of his Advent and Mission is the transformation and redemption of mankind through his whole world of love. And all through the 85 years of His sojourn on earth, He was engaged in this Mission of Love through selfless service to humanity and mankind. In fact his message ‘’Love –All, Serve All’’ has been shining the light over the millions of devotees and followers who have been around the world in their spiritual journeys.

“The core of the spiritual discipline of service is to see everyone as yourself and yourself in everyone. You are not doing service to others, you are doing service to yourselves, to the God in you who is equally present in all” – Sathya Sai Baba 21/11/1981

The project, in which so many regions and centres are participating in, is to focus, importance, and significance of the Service of love. On the Avatar Declaration Day, and in the weeks leading up to it, various service activities will be undertaken by individual countries based upon locally identified needs like people in poorer countries or people who can’t afford to eat or work. Serving food to the poor and hungry (Narayana Seva) has been suggested as one of the main focus areas for this project but one can donate clothes or accessories etc.

In our centre we did a 'shoebox ' project. In this project, a shoe box is filled with items such as combs, toothbrush, toothpaste, notebook, pen etc. the boxes are delivered to children in Africa. This was a joint project with the Harrow West Sai Centre. Balvikaschildren ,teachers and members of the community participated in the project. Groups of people were given different tasks. Some assembled items, some checked to make sure all boxes had similar items, and other gave the boxes the finishing touch. Children and adults worked in unison with the Divine music playing in the background. We managed to wrap 54 shoeboxes and sent them to Harrow West from where the people who deliver would have collected them.

Below are some photos taken on the day:

I would like to end with Baba’s message :
“A single homestead cannot make a village; many have cluster together and live as one family in order to constitute a village. And, for such Seva as you are doing, each homestead and every member thereof has to lend a helping hand and achieve success in the common venture. The physical strength, the monetary resources, the intelligence of all have to be pooled in order to make the project succeed. This garland has not happened out of a single flower; many flowers of different hues and fragrances have string themselves around the string in order to achieve the common aim of decorating the picture or person. No one in the village can stand apart and say, "This work is not mine; it is the responsibility of man or this group". Bhagawan Baba