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Region 2 - National Seva Day: An act of Kindness without Expectation

Seva (service) is a universal concept, which involves performing an act of kindness without expectation of reward. It is performed selflessly and without ulterior motive. As a concept, it is actively promoted by different cultures and faiths - as the core belief is the same - to sacrifice your time and resources for the benefit of others without wanting anything in return.

On Sunday 6th October morning with glorious sunshine, clear blue skies, we were blessed with nearly 100 SSE Children, Parents, Teachers and centre members gathered at the Hare Krishna Temple (HKT) for the third year running to carry out farming duty as their personal contribution to the National Seva day and continuing the SSE focus on ‘SELFLESS SERVICE’. Around 9.15am, we offered our ‘Thanks’ to Swami in the form of prayers for providing us with yet another opportunity. The groups were divided into smaller groups and delegated different duties across the different areas of the Temple after a quick registration.

The duties varied from potato picking, cabbage patch tidy up, coriander gathering, spinach gathering, manure spreading and weeding. Some of our Teachers and Parents volunteered in the Temple kitchen preparing the hot and wholesome meal we were served at the end of the great productive day.

"Come on girls hurry up!". Great innovation shown by a group of children collecting potatoes using their Seva Day T-shirt to gather them.

"Anyone for a Ride?" Wheel barrow being used to transport the weeds to recycle bin and the washed vegatables to the kitchen ready be consumed by all the devotees visiting the Template as prasad.

Our Youth Wing members take a moment’s break to pose for a snap. “It looks like someone forgot to wear their T-Shirt”. Each Year everyone participating was awarded with “National Seva Day T-shirt” and this year’s colour was Orange with a logo of ‘Gandhi’ – how appropriate!

After all the hard work everyone put in, hot puri’s, vegetable and chick pea curry, freshly home-made soup, salad, rice and a sweet dish, alongside some fresh punch juice, was served hot off the plates. We filled ourselves to our hearts content.

To end a beautiful day full of love, smiles and unity, HKT Team provided us with a Bull and Cart ride for all of the SSE children, teachers and adults – some even twice! We can only thank our dearest Swami, for the perfect weather, company and atmosphere amongst Krishna and his devotees. Thank you Swami, for giving us the energy, inspiration and unity in fulfilling this task.

Jai Sai Ram.

Written by Sonal Mistry. Parent & A Teacher.