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Region 2 - London West SSE Children Foodbank Collection

Our Loving Pranams at the Lotus Feet of Our Mother Sai. In the Bhagavathgeetha, Krishna has referred to "Pathram, Phalam, Pushpam, Thoyam" (that is, leaf, fruit, flower or water) that can be offered to God. I am pleased with any of these provided it is offered with sincere devotion”.

Remembering the above Geeta verse, London West Centre Devotees (all ages) participated by giving Food to the Food Bank at Richmond. We the SSE Children from London West Sai Centre through Ceiling on Desires participated in our own little ways by collecting Food for the Food Bank.

Thanks Swami for giving such wonderful opportunity to help the needy. Little Drops Make the Might Ocean. We pray that may we be the little drops in Your Mission and always Love all and Serve All.