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Region 1 - Young Adults Programme: "The End of Education is character."

One of Baba’s most famous quotations, it refers to the education systems prevalent in the Western World nowadays. Whilst us here in the UK are in many ways more lucky than those of our counterparts in Asia and Africa due to our free and usually high quality education and opportunities, there are many in the world who have no such luxury.

And yet, despite all this education, what good comes of it? Are people taught the moral values which will help them to support themselves, their families and communities, or society as a whole? Is there an emphasis on providing selfless service to those who are less blessed than us with material possessions, or instead a culture of grabbing as much as you can for you and your own?

During the most recent Young Adults Programme (YAP) meeting, on Friday 20th September, in Region 1, we discussed these and other questions which are very important in our day to day lives.

Through the use of ‘circle time’, we asked everybody to describe which TV or film character they thought best represents them. From people such as Sheldon in the Big Bang to both versions of Gandalf (White and Grey) there was a wide variety of answers. Through these medium we discussed how different characters and personalities can be, as well as thinking about the sort of people we can emulate.

Next, we split into 3 groups and created a small role play based on some character relevant quotations. In one play, a coach was hostile to one of her pupils, yet showed greater affection for her star student. Yet when this student could not compete in an official match due to too much partying the night before, the coach had to rely on the pupil who she disfavoured. This was a thought provoking piece that encouraged us to realise how continuous hard work and perseverance can lead to obstacles being overcome. It also reminded us of our duty to treating all people equally, whether their external appearance merits them different treatment or not.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening, where a lot of ideas were expressed and discussed. Through creative theatre and sharing our opinions and ideas, we were better able to realise more fully the truth behind Baba’s discourses on character, and learn ways in which we could apply it in our everyday lives.

With Love and Light

Active Youth Member of Merton Sai Centre, Region 1