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Region 1 - Wimbledon Sai Centre’s Inauguration Celebrations

Sunday 4th August 2013 marked the start of a new chapter for Wimbledon Sai Centre. Following 17 years of unforgettable memories we were told that we would have to find a new venue by 31st July, with just two months notice.

The search for a suitable new location proved to be challenging with members of the committee having to contact several schools within the area. With Swami’s grace Malmesbury Primary School in Morden was chosen as the new venue a month later. This venue has many facilities to offer including a beautiful hall overlooking a lovely playing field, and an enormous car park. Weeks of hard work and planning made the relocation a great success.

Several active members gathered the day before the inauguration bhajan to prepare the new centre. The stage was stunningly decorated with the use of a green and white theme. The inauguration bhajan had a wonderful turnout with both new and old faces including members from the Regional Committee. We were also able to comfortably welcome many elderly devotees as the hall is located on the ground floor, unlike the old centre. The bhajan was opened with powerful Vedic chanting and Swami’s presence could be felt throughout the hall. The centre welcomed many new devotees with children hoping to join SSE in the coming September.

With many of the centre’s members growing up at the old venue, the relocation has been an emotional one. Riversdale Primary School has given us memories including Easwaramma plays, Christmas carol singing and celebrations of Swami’s birthday which we will always treasure. The members of Wimbledon Sai Centre are delighted to have this fresh start and are looking forward to the experiences to come.

Jananni Vigneswaran