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Region 2 - Harrow West and Pinner Joint Birthday Celebrations

To celebrate Swami’s birthday in the best way possible, this year, Harrow West and Pinner Sai Centres teamed up to put together an amazing programme that brought tears of Joy to our eyes. The theme of this year’s celebration was ‘Unity’, and shone through all aspects of the programme, as well as behind the scenes! After months of planning and preparing, a wonderful variety of offerings to Swami were presented for His birthday.

To start off the birthday celebrations, we had the very loving procession by the SSE children, in which the children held flags of the five human values, or flowers, which were then offered to Swami’s Lotus Feet, causing every single heart in the room to melt. The vedam chanting which then followed reverberated throughout the hall, filling the room with positive vibrations.

Uncle Rajesh formally launched the new Magic Light Meditation website, and we all experienced a Wonderful Jyoti Meditation following along with the animation on the Website…just wonderful. This set the scene for bhajans, and a Laksharchana. This Laksharchana was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to give their own offering to Swami, and was greatly appreciated by all who took part.

A musical performance from our special guests, One World Choir, was both poignant and lively, as well as reminding us of Swami’s message: “Love all, Serve all”. This message was echoed into The SSE play that followed providing us with another message from Swami, which further reminded us that, “Money comes and goes, but morality comes and grows”. The messages then reinforced by the compere hosting a quiz for the audience about the what we had learnt from the play. The youth then delighted everyone with a musical offering to Swami that was just dripping with love and dedication, even moving many of us to tears! Following the Children and the Youth, it was then the turn of our Householders and their bhajans for Swami raised the roof, filling the building and our hearts with positive vibrations.

As this was a special celebration, it goes without saying that we would certainly miss out if we did not have any sweets! Our compere seemed to think the same reminding us all of how Swami used throw sweets during Dashan in Prashanti, bringing back fond memories to the adults, and great excitement and joy to the children. The theme of Unity continued when we all headed to the Dining Area for mahaprasadam, prepared with so much love; it was just like being back in the queue for the North Indian Canteen during Festival times in Prashanthi...Thank you, Swami, for receiving our humble offering and for showering so much Grace on us all.

Jai Sai Ram
Nilam Ramanaido (Harrow West) & Saisha Patel (Pinner)