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Region 2 - Akhanda Bhajans 2013

This year swami tested us in our planning of the Akhanda bhajans! One of the tests was in regards to the availability of our usual 24 hour Akhanda bhajan venue. It seemed that after considering many different venues, Swami had decided that a 12 hour program would be ample this time around.

However the 12 hour Akhanda bhajans turned out to be a huge success !

Swami blessed us with a most exquisite Altar, including a most precious Sarva Dharma symbol which was hand crafted out of wood, especially for this event, by our dearest Service wing.

We started the morning session with Suprabhatam at 530am, followed by vedam and our first set of bhajans which was a unity bhajan slot , sung as a collaboration between the Region 2 Sai centres, then followed by the R2 Youth, Spiritual and Seva wing members.

All worked diligently through the 12 hours to ensure a smooth running of the Akhanda bhajans, from the PA team, to the team serving the Drinks and Refreshments also.

The sessions that ‘stole the show’ it seemed, was our SSE children and it was apparent this and also the previous year, the students are extremely musically talented and that they were also were well-rehearsed for the Akhanda bhajan program.

For the final session of the Akhanda bhajans we were fortunate enough to have visitors from various other regions of the UK attend the program, and participate in union with region 2, in the offering of the final bhajans. The last session were very uplifting and vibrant to say the least, and by the time the bhajans were over, it could be seen that everyone was feeling fully charged, with Divine Energy!!

We were extremely fortunate this year that the Region 2 Akhanda bhajan event did not end there. We were blessed to have esteemed Sri V Srinivasan who is the all India President of the Sri Sathya Sai organisation as well as a Senior Member of the Prashanti Central Trust, whom had come especially this evening to address us.

Sir spoke beautifully about his experiences and referred to himself as only an instrument for Swami’s work. He said that we are all zero’s and Swami is the hero. He said that he has no words to speak , and only prays that Swami gives him the words , which Swami certainly did.

Sir also talked about the three primary projects that the central Trust are currently undertaking, which are the Nutrition for expecting mothers , Disaster Relief & management , and Vocational training for youth, all of which are to be implemented in the rural Villages that are targeted to receive assistance . These are villages part of the SSSVIP program.

Sir also talked about Swami’s Water project which has been extended to a large number of villages, and other projects also, all taking place now in Swami’s universal presence! Sir said that where Swami’s work is done and his name sung, Swami is present there. Sir then spoke about singing bhajans and said that singing bhajans is like having a personal interview with Swami, as we have his name on our lips and his form in our minds and so we are connected with him!

Sir also reminded us that we were not sitting there because it was our choice this day. It was because Bhagawan has pre-selected us to be there on this particular occasion, and we were very lucky, and must be grateful to him. Sir then lovingly, but firmly reminded us that there is no difference between Bhagawan, and Bhagawan’s work, and encouraged us to all do Bhagawan’s work!

Lastly sir also told us not to differentiate between the work we do in our office work and ‘Swamis work’. Work which gives you money ,is also Swami’s work he said, and we should not compromise our principals. He emphasised to do work, with Love.

Sir’s talk was then followed by a small gift of appreciation, given to him by Our Region 2 Chair Brother Senthil , followed by the closing prayers and the Arathi, which was conducted by Sir.

Dearest Swami, we very thankful to you for conducting the Akhanda bhajans this year and every year, and also reminding us of your constant presence this time, through Respected Sri Srinivasan.

With Loving Regards,
Region 2 Team