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Region 2 - Swami's Birthday Celebrations at London West Sai Centre

Happy and Excited! Those words describe us on the day of Swami’s 88 birthday celebrations. Excitement can come in 2 ways: inside or out; ours was shown in both ways! So many people had come to celebrate and the reason that people looked forward to come to something that was very special is Our Swami.

One week prior to the celebrations, the entire program was finalised. All were in high spirits. On the very special day, Swami’s altar was beautifully decorated, SSE children were all in white waiting for the opportunity to perform in front of Mother Sai and a lot of devotees had gathered. Program started with 3 Aums, Sai Ashtotra Namavalli, Program by the SSE children, Melodious Bhajans ending with Mangala Arthi.

Balavikas Children Performances

Swami gives a lot of importance to the learning, chanting and practice of Vedas in our daily lives. So the SSE program started with Veda Chanting by our Group 1 Girls.

Thanks to our little sisters and brother who had put up a very simple yet powerful skit with lot of messages to take home. The story portrayed many important lessons to us. Lesson of not being lazy and putting in hard work in order to achieve results. Our Dearest Swami always tells Do your Best and Leave the Rest to God. Even though the hen didn’t have any help and the work was hard, her persistence and perseverance paid off in the end.

Dance is surely an art but when coupled with mind blowing moves they transcend to a different level altogether. Flexibility, power, synchronisation is all that you need to perfect this art. Our SSE boys showcased the abilities of the body, capabilities of the mind and aspirations of the spirit through the dandiya dance.

The SSE program ended with a favourite song of Swami “Why Fear when I am here” and a Happy Birthday song.

There was a huge cake cut by one of the older devotees who was more than 70 years old and Mangal Arthi was also performed by her.

Thanks Swami for the lovely opportunity you showered to all of us through Sathya Sai Organisation. May we always be Your chosen instruments working for Your mission.