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Region 4 - Coventry SSE Celebrating Baba’s Birthday

Inner confidence, trusting the Atma...

Salutations to the Atma, Hrudaya Nivasi, Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who was evidently present on His Birthday Celebrations. Happy Birthday to one and all

From the outset, there was an overwhelming sense of confidence that was present within the SSE children, who were in the main, hosting and taking the centre stage with the variety of items that they had prepared. These children, or should I say His troopers, were as young as 3 years and ranging to 14 years and were holding the fort by .

The programme began in usual style with an enchanting dance dedicated to Lord Ganesh. From there, the young SSE captivated the audience by their smiles and sang sweetly with the message of Love is God, God is Love on their lips. It is important to remember that these children were only between 3 and 4, and performed for the first time in front of a large crowd.

With the older SSE children, narrating a play on Truth and Right-Conduct, namely ‘A Boy who Cried Wolf and Big Frog and Little Frog respectively, the message was loud and clear. Swami’s quotes on Peace, Love and Non-Violence were also demonstrated through readings. The programme continued, with a presentation on the Unity of Faiths and recitation of verses from Bhaja Govindam and Bhagavad Gita based on divine qualities which were carried out by the SSE young adults, who confidently and eloquently educated the listeners with their understanding.

As the celebrations came to an end, and Swami’s birthday cake was being cut, I silently observed the discipline and the devotion that the children were showing, which was not only admirable but also very commendable. With the help of the wonderful SSE gurus and parents, these children had thoroughly practised and devoted their time for Bhagwan and His audience. We must not forget the level of temptations that engulfs our children’s world today and must sincerely Thank our Divine Master for providing them (and us all) with a route to channel their energies to face the challenges of life through inner confidence. Ultimately, trusting the atma is trusting Him.

“I shall be with you, wherever you are, guarding you and guiding you. March on, have no fear” ~ Baba

Jamie Thakordas, SSE Parent, Coventry