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Region 4 - Coventry Celebrating Ladies Day

On 16th November the annual Ladies Day was held in Coventry at the Shree Mandhata Samaj.

The evening began with a prayer and bhajans, which created a lovely atmosphere in the room.

We were then reminded why we had come together on this special day, which was declared by Baba, on 19th November 1994, to celebrate womanhood, and to honour their importance and significant role in the society.

Thereafter, the evening was followed by a talk and demonstration by Alex Hyde Martial Art Teacher.

Alex shared with us her personal story of how she had suffered from Lymphoma twice, a form of cancer, (in the lymphatic system).

The lymphatic system, unlike the circulatory system, does not have a pump that allows the movement of lymph, and therefore is reliant on muscles movement. Alex, is a keen believer that it was the Tai Chi that helped her to be resilient and strive through the challenging treatment protocol and thereafter maintaining her wellbeing.

The movement in Tai chi helps to improve your body posture, and muscles movements.

How we hold are bodies indicate how we are feeling, people who often have their head down often indicates a sign of low mood and possibly depression

What are the benefits of practicing Tai Chi?

Immediate benefits from practicing tai chi tend to be a clearer and more relaxed mind. Clinical studies in the US report improved balance and peace of mind after only 8 weeks of a very simple set of movements taken from a variety of tai chi styles.

Other, less expected, benefits of tai chi include improved working of internal organs, better breathing and finding it easier to sleep at night.

People report more strength, stamina and suppleness as a direct result of doing their tai chi.

Others tai chi benefits come in the form of reduced stress, and an improved ability to deal with difficult situations.

The final part of the evening was a performance by Alex and her team of the Lion dance, which was very dramatically and captivating.

Later we were able to try out the Lion consumes and the various mechanism which were built in to make the lion come alive. All in all it was a very delightful evening, finished off with some shared refreshments.

Finally, we thank Sai Baba for making this event possible and giving us ladies strength, love and guidance in our lives.

Nayana Patel, Coventry