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Region 1 - 88th Divine Birthday Celebration by Mitcham Sai Centre

Aum Sai Ram

Mitcham Sai Centre sathsang happens once a month on the last Friday of each month. Hence on Friday 29/11/2013 we observed this as a beautiful celebration of our beloved Lord Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s 88th divine birthday (that fell on 23/11/2013).

We commenced the celebration at 07:00pm with the Chanting of Gayatri Mantra, followed by the chanting of the 108 names of our Lord’s divine lotus feet – Asthothra Padugha Namawali for which one of the devotees who is disabled lady on a wheel chair did the Pushpanjali (placing flowers 108 times at the Lotus feet for each chant). She was virtually in tears as she said she had never been given this opportunity - in view of the fact that she was on a wheel chair and was unable to go near the altar. Devotees moved HIS divine golden Padugha near her rather than move her wheel chair near the altar – she was immensely grateful to Swami. This also reminded all of us when Swami once visited the Prasanthi Hospital – one of the patients who was unable to move or get up from the bed asked Swami for Pada-Namaskar for which our beloved Lord responded with compassion and sitting on a chair near the patient’s bed HE lifted both HIS feet near the patient so that the patient could touch and worship - Swami then blessed the patient.

We then had Bhajans sung by various age groups and ending with Aarthi done by all the devotees taking turns (as this is normal at our Centre Bhajans) for the continued chanting of the Aarthi song, ending with Samastha Loka Suckino Bavanthu.

This was followed by the Birthday cake cutting ceremony when all the devotees joined in happily and joyously to sing the renowned Sai Birthday song – Tere Janam. All the devotees, whole heartedly invited the most senior devotee in the congregation (86 years old lady) to cut the cake (though her daughter had to help her blow out the candles on the cake). This devotee is well known at the centre, for bringing a small garland made of mango leaves each month she attends the Bhajans with her daughter for over 15 years. For this purpose she carefully grows a small mango tree in a large pot in her own house in Tooting in Region 1.

We then had a brief interactive discussion about the significance of celebrating Bhagawan Baba’s birthday each year. We had several inputs from various age groups and we also had the company of our dear brother Yoges, our Regional Chair person who participated in all the proceedings of the evening and also contributed very wisely for the interactive study session.

At the conclusion it was agreed that the best Birthday gift to our dearest Bhagawan next year would be the transformation of each one of us in line with the teachings of our Lord – that is to follow the five Human Values and discard the six negative qualities. The evening came to an end with prasadam being served to all the devotees.

Jai Sai Ram
Mitcham Sai Centre