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Region 1 - Swami's Birthday Celebrations at Lewisham Sai Centre

The day that is special in history of His story, a day that marks the advent of His Divine presence, 23 November was celebrated with great fervour at Lewisham Sai Centre. In the evening, the hall was gorgeously decorated with Baba’s Chair & cloth hanging & warm welcome to two Pandiji.

The programme commenced at 18.00 with Paduka Abhishekam & 108 Sri Sathya Sai Ashtotras followed by introductory address by the Organizer of the Centre.

The guest speaker was one of our Aunties from the centre, who threw light on the beautiful Messages of Bhagawan and her experiences, Thus, we see today, devotees professing different faiths being drawn to Bhagawan from all over the world and deriving the bliss of celebrating this festivity in His Divine presence.

SSE children enacted a Dance, The dance was based on Krishna and His mother, and it was so beautiful. Everyone enjoyed very much.

Lewisham Sai Centre Youth conducted a Song and madly followed by Bhajans.

After Bhajans, “Aarthi” was offered and Prashadam was distributed to devotees, consisting of 300 against the sitting capacity of 300audiences. Everyone enjoyed the event, which was really vibrating and relished the Prashadam.

Sita Sharma