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Education Wing - Sai Spiritual Education October 2011

Swami in His divine discourse to Balvikas gurus in 1978 said that the impact of the guru has got to be extra strong if it has to act as a catalyst in the process of modification of behaviour patterns in the pupils. To that end, the guru has to be an embodiment of love and patience. Children have to be led into good ways of living, simplicity, humility and discipline. The fostering and development of noble character is the foundation on which the super-structure of curricula can be built.

Over the last few months, the SSE wing has seen a flurry of activity in the training and awareness sessions that have been held in most regions around the U.K. The importance of personal sadhana or individual spiritual development has been a focus for our teachers so as to enable a deeper understanding and application of Swami’s message in our own lives. Swami’s dictum of ‘First Be, Do and Tell’ is key to the success of SSE and its impact on our children in our care.

Whilst, the training sessions have been underway, other activities have been taking place around the U.K. Children, teachers and parents have participated in the centre and regional Eswaramma Day programmes offering their gratitude to their Divine Mother Sai through music, poems, paintings and drama. Wholehearted participation was also seen at the National Memorial and Remembrance Day held for our Beloved Bhagavan.

Many regions also held their end of year sports and family day events in rather glorious summer weather.

Many Group 2 Year 3 children undertook the National Exams held in June this year and also the children from the Group 3 Years 2 and 3 participated in the National Project work which was submitted in July this year.

With Swami’s grace we have also seen the start of some new SSE classes. Hull in Region 5, Folkestone Region 6, Edinburgh and Dundee in Region 8 have begun their SSE classes with great enthusiasm and dedication.

The revised SSE syllabus for Group 1 and Group 2 is also being made available to teachers this term.

In the next few weeks, the Group 4 training for facilitators is being held on 8th October 2011 at the Sai Mandir, Wimbledon, London and the planning for the National SSE Conference is well underway. We are delighted to have eminent guest speakers, Mr and Mrs Nimish and Kamala Pandya from India to address our SSE teachers, SSE helpers and supporters of SSE on 29th October 2011 at the Sai Mandir, Wimbledon, London. Participants may register by logging on to www.srisathyasai.org.uk/nationalsseconference

Swami reminds us that The Bal Vikas chores are bound to elevate and sublimate the thoughts and emotions of the gurus far better than any other sadhana (spiritual discipline) can. Remember that as gurus, you too have a guru guiding you and overseeing your seva (service). So you too are pupils, and you too learn the lessons of equality, equanimity and selfless love while acting as gurus.

Vidyulatha Narayan
National SSE Coordinator