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Region 3 - Akhanda Bhajans at Central London Sai Centre

The 24 hours started with some invocation chants and then there was great gusto as the Ganesh bhajan started. Throughout the evening, the crowd increased and by midnight, there were many people singing loudly. Every 1-2 hours throughout the night another group came to boost the bhajan singing giving a nice variety to the event. There were also certain hours set aside for the youth and children to sing. The fact that the kitchen was so busy was testimony to the number of people who attended the event!

In the morning at 5am Suprabhatam was sung and despite the cold, people’s passion for singing did not diminish. Even though the morning hours were relatively sparse, those that were there did not let up their efforts. Soon things picked up again, and the hall filled up. The last few hours were again busy, and the energy levels increased towards a crescendo around the end. Apart from Sai bhajans, those sung to Rama, Krishna, Allah, Shiva, Ganesha and all possible deities were sung in those 24 hours, and it was a real pleasure to be there, to feel the presence of the Lord through devotional singing.

We must thank the many volunteers who made this event possible, especially the people who set up before the event and packed up afterwards, for whom the event lasted even more than 24 hours. We must also thank all those that brought large amounts of food, which kept the singers in a good form. We all look forward to the next year’s event!

Jai Sai Ram! Dr Suneil Aggarwal