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Region 4 - Talk by Janet Bock - Bicker

Devotees who attended the Ram Mandir in Leicester on 26th November 2013 were treated to a talk by Janet Bock – Bicker, a devotee of Sathya Sai Baba who freely shared her experiences with Him. Janet spoke about several teachings that were pertinent to her such as: when speaking about HIM, speak about our experience and our teachings, as experiences lead to teachings, further study and thereby new teachings; HE sees us and loves us, wherever we are; all forms of God are represented in Swami; dharma protects those who protect dharma; and it is better to fail at one’s own dharma than to succeed at someone else’s.

Janet then showed various photo’s including those taken by Bob Raymer of Sai Baba’s trip to Africa (1968), photo’s of Puttaparthi in the 1970’s (including the old mandir, and Swami’s Birth house), photo’s of Brindhavan and finally pictures of Sai Gita (Sai Baba’s elephant). Janet also spoke of the trip Swami had gone to a dry river bed where he had manifested various items for the devotees present. Janet also discussed another of Sai Baba’s Topics, namely surrender, the concept of which refers to the idea of surrendering the idea that you are not divine, and also is not about giving up things. Janet finished her talk by stating “I held the camera, HE took the pictures”.

This talk is available to watch online via the link below

Rupert Ward