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Region 4 - First Aid Training Civil Aid Training Centre

15 members from Region 4 attended First Aid in Derby, we had devotees right from SSE Groups 4 all the way up to our elders who have been serving Swami for 40 years!

The course was led by Keith, Rita and David, all who had many years of experience in first aid. Their presentation was based on giving a practical and common sense approach to first aid, and provided with a lot of personal examples in addressing accidents.

One of the first things we learnt was termed as “DR ABC”, which translates to Danger, Reaction, Airways, Breathing and Circulation. When you approach an incident, you need to be aware of personal safety first before trying to help the injured person. ABC stands for checking to see if the person is alive, therefore checking to see if they are conscious, and if they are breathing.

How amazing! DR ABC, does it remind us of a certain other acronym? Bhagawan Baba has given us many, but the one for me was, ALWAYS BE CAREFUL! Even though Keith; was not aware of Swami, he did believe in God, and mentioned of stories of how unexplainable miracles occurred throughout his time out in the ambulances and in the field. When he was alone or treating many casualties, there was some divine hand that helped him through the situations. It was amazing to hear these particular stories and know that Swami, in whatever from, guide His children.

We were taught a few key elements of first aid, and were able to do carry out the practical approaches. We covered; CPR, Recovery Position, Relieving Choking, Bleeding, Burns and treat broken or fractured bones.

Comments from attendees were that it was presented in a jovial manner and in a way that everyone can understand easily. Other comments were that they are more aware of how to react to incidents, such as burns, bleeds, fainting, and so on.

One of the final comments Keith said was that you are there helping others and don’t ever think that you know everything as you are always learning something new every day. We were then presented with our certificates and also a first aid badge to show we were first aiders, to conclude we took a group photo ending a wonderful day!

Jai Sai Ram