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Region 2 - SSE Akhanda Bhajans 2013

One of the most popular programs of the calendar year is our annual Akhand Bhajans session by the SSE Wing and this year it was extra special with our largest number of SSE centres participating. The children and teachers from Greenford, Harrow West, London West, Pinner and Slough jointly came together as 'One family of Sai' to make their offering of devotional songs to our Divine Mother and Father.

As usual preparation for the big day started few months back with children, parents and teachers working and practising together at their local centres. A week prior to actual day, Parents, Children and the Teachers came together under one roof to unite in their efforts.

It was amazing to see the Children, Youth and the Adults working together with the same vision of making their offering that was full of Love and the best it has ever been. The session in itself was like a mini Akhand Bhajans with the Youth managing the PA system and the Adults at hand to help the children in a most loving way possible.

On arrival, the children were all served up with delicious lunch and then taken to the gym to remove their shoes and manage their anticipation and excitement of their final loving rendition. It was time and the scene was perfectly set with the most beautiful and welcoming Altar. The Children walked in quietly into the hall, immaculately dressed in their whites and the audience eagerly awaited what these ‘Little Angels’ had to offer and they were not disappointed.

What was to unfold over the next 45 minutes was indeed pure love rendered through songs, sung to the highest of standards.

Swami has certainly blessed the Region with so many talented singers as young as 5 years old and young musicians who supported the SSE slot in spite of having mock exams in the coming weeks. May Swami continue to Bless you all.

Seeing the effort that these children put in was so inspiring and worthwhile knowing Sai Organisation in UK is in the hands of these Little Soldiers Swami has prepared and handpicked for years to come.

What was so evident right throughout the SSE slot was the children’s discipline and dedication. Although the light in the hall was low, it was shining brightly; the little angels had filled everyone’s heart with a beautiful glow at the end of their session. Then it was the turn of the SSE Teachers to sing their hearts out to Swami and raise the vibrations even higher. All this was only possible with Swami’s presence and the wonderful support and love given by the parents and the encouragement provided by the SSE teachers. On behalf of the Region 2 Team, we ‘Thank You’ for your continued support.

Article written by Region 2 team member.