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Region 3 - Akhanda Bhajans at Mill Hill Sai Centre

Sri Sathya Sai Centre of Mill Hill held Akhanda Bhajans from 6 PM on the 9th of Nov to 6 PM on the 10th of Nov. Bhajan groups from different parts of London participated in this event. Each Bhajan group was allotted a slot which they attended as per schedule and offered their devotional music to Swami. The groups who participated were Sri Sathya Sai Centre of Mill Hill, London East, Arkley Sai Centre, Wembley Sai Centre, Alperton Sai Centre, Harrow Sai School, Hendon Sai Group, Watford Sai Group, Soda Sai Group, Mila Sai Group, Hari's Sai Group, Boys Sai Group and Mill Hill Youth.

The Bhajans were enjoyed and appreciated by all who visited the Centre. They also admired the beautiful and captivating altar which created an ambience conducive for contemplation on Swami. Approximately 500 devotees must have visited the Sai Centre at various points of time during the 24-hour period. The programme concluded with Arati. Prasadam was prepared and served by volunteers during the entire course of the programme. Traditionally, this event is also seen as an opportunity for devotees from different parts of London to meet one another in the Sai Family. One could feel the love of devotees for Swami and the spirit of brotherliness amongst members of the Sai Family.

We owe special thanks to all the organizers and volunteers for the smooth conduct of this event.