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Region 3 - Akhanda Bhajans at Hatfield Sai Centre

Multi-faith programme for peace, harmony and unity

This year saw a higher level of behind the scenes activities in preparation for the Akhanda Bhajan as Hatfield Sai Centre came together with the Welwyn Hatfield interfaith Group on the 9 November 2013 to offer a rendition of inspirational and uplifting prayers, hymns and songs from various faiths. The air was charged with energy as the lamps were lit and Hatfield Sai Centre commenced with the chanting at 4.30 pm. Dr Daksha Trivedi provided brief opening remarks which explained the significance of Akhanda Bhajan so that those who were not familiar developed a deeper understanding of the significance of this Global spiritual observance for world peace initiated by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba which takes place in more that 114 countries around the world in the month of November of each year.

Following this; the Methodist Choir from Digswell village Church led by Nick Young singing Christian songs; The Zimbabwe Group from Oxlease Methodist Church singing Christian songs in the Shona language to the sounds of African beat; Hatfield Sai Centre singing bhajans; the Buddhist Group from North Herts Faith Forum led by Rev Samitha chanting Buddhist prayers; the Yoga Group from Welwyn Garden City singing Hindu songs; the Roman Catholic Choir led by Valerie Skottowe singing Christian songs; Jewish singing by Reynold Rosenburg and the Boys Group singing Sai Bhajans took their timely slots and filled the air with the most beautiful renditions.

It was clearly not the language of the lips that mattered but the language of the heart as those who attended joined in or listened with their hearts and felt the energy. What a beautiful tapestry was woven that evening with the diversity that came into the filling hall to the unity for a common goal, which was love for God and peace for the whole of humanity!

To the amazement of some and the affirmation of others the red carnation from the top of Swami’s beautiful frame fell during the evening!!! Wow!!

The evening’s prayers and songs concluded with Aarthi offered to our beloved Bhagawan the Divine Conductor of this year’s Akhanda Bhajan.

Jay Sai Ram Rani Naidoo