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Region 3 - East London Sai Centres Akhanda Bhajan Event

Christchurch School in Ilford, London

The much awaited day finally dawned upon us on the evening of Saturday 9th November 2013. The Akhanda Bhajan event at the Christchurch School in Ilford was jointly organised by the Sai Centres of Ilford, Manor Park, Edmonton, Thurrock, and Walthamstow (in no particular order!). The meetings for preparation towards the Akhanda Bhajans began as early as July and proved to be invaluable, as the entire event turned out to be magnificent on all counts. Everyone worked together in a spirit of love and brotherhood.

Thurrock Sai Centre produced a breathtaking altar setting the scene and the event commenced with the recitation of Vedam, followed by multi-faith prayers by the children from the participating centres, before host-centres kicked off with the bhajans. This year we had three guests from outside namely the Buddhist monks who came in and chanted sutras for an hour; the Sikh brothers who sang and explained their Kirtans in a beautiful manner and the brothers from the Hare Krishna Organisaton who took the entire congregation to a different level of spiritual participation, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The SSE School as well as the Youth from the participating centres also had a slot each and they mesmerised the gathering with their lovely renditions.

All in all, it was 24 hours of divine inspiration designed to aspire each devotee to become a better instrument of HIS and to live up to Swami’s saying namely, ‘LOVE ALL, SERVE ALL’.

In HIS service,
Dr Vickneswaren Krishnan