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Region 2 - Christmas Celebrations at Slough Sai Centre

The Slough Sai Centre always celebrates Christmas and this year was no exception. Every wing plays a role to create a Divine atmosphere conducive to the celebration which also coincides with the SSE year end . The altar had a Christmas theme and colour and was very befitting to the occassion. The scene for celebration was set, as in Prashanti, with children bringing the lit candles to the altar with background instrumental carol music This contributed to the Holy atmosphere. Then with 3 Oms we had prayers and bhajans followed by a play prepared by the children which imparted the message of a 'True Christmas' celebration reflecting the similarities between the teachings of Sri Sathya Baba and Jesus Christ.

Amin an adopted blind child from India accompanied the Carol singing on the piano and this set the scene for Father Christmas and distribution of sweets and gifts to the children. The grand celebration concluded with aarti and a happy congregation.

Slough Centre SSE wing