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Region 2 - New Year Eve Bhajans

Region 2 finished the final hours of 2013 and began 2014 on a truly Divine and memorable note, as bhajans and prayer filled the midnight air at Oxheywood Primary School in Watford.

Devotees raised the roof with energetic and high tempo prayers and bhajans from the very beginning of the programme which started at 10.00pm. Pitch perfect singers combined with talented musicians created the most sublime vibrations and Swami's darshan videos gave devotees a chance to reflect on the passing year with Swami and seek his blessings for the year to come.

Then just as the midnight hour approached, devotees started to chant 21 Aumkaars in unison and with one single, strong voice until on the stroke of 12am, to the backdrop of fireworks outside. This was followed by the chanting of the Ganapati atharva sirsam as a prayer to Lord Ganesh to grant knowledge and inspiration for the New Year. More beautiful bhajans graced the ears, followed by Mangal Araathi, Vibhuti Mantra and Swami's thought of the day which highlighted the eight flowers that Swami wants us to offer to him in 2014, namely the flowers of non-violence, control of the senses, compassion, forbearance, peace, penance, meditation and truth.

Swami's undeniable presence made this a truly magical, Divine and blessed way to start the beginning of a New Year and established his Divine blueprint for the year to come. SAI RAM and Happy New Year.

R2 Team