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Region 5 - Sri Sathya Sai Laksharchana, Bolton

A Devotee once asked Swami, "If we want to be with You always, what should we do? " Swami lovingly replied, "Namasmarana, Namasmarana! It can be achieved only by chanting God's Name. Wherever Bhakthi dwells, God resides there". This was evident on December 7th at the Veda Mandir Bolton where the unified chanting of ‘Om Shree Sathya Sai Krishnaya Namaha’ recharged every devotee spiritually, transporting them to Prashanti Kulwant Hall. The regional Laksharchana brought together the whole Sai family of Region 5 and beyond, with over two hundred devotees attending from all over the North West, the Midlands and as far as London.

The Laksharchana ceremony was developed by Dr Gadia, who was granted the Mantra ‘Om Shree Sathya Sai Krishnaya Namaha’ by Swami, to be used in this sacred sadhana of chanting the Lord’s name one-hundred thousand times. The meaning of this mantra was explained beautifully by Shobhanaben from Birmingham, who conducted the Laksharchana ceremony at a pace leading us closer and closer to the Divine. She broke down the mantra, explaining: ‘OM’ as the initial sound of the Universe, ‘SHREE’ as Goddess Laxmi, ‘SATHYA’ as the never-changing truth, ‘-AI’ meaning divine Mother, ‘KRISHNA’ being the reincarnation of Narayana and embodiment of love, and ‘NAMAH’ as I bow to thee. With full enthusiasm, Shobhanaben began the Laksharchana, and the divine vibrations began to flow throughout the building and even through a phone call to Prashanti Nilayam!

The structure of the programme allowed devotees to listen to two guest speakers, one being Shobhanaben herself, explaining her journey from hardly even knowing Shirdi Sai Baba, to becoming a strong devotee of Sathya Sai Baba. Her questioning of the Lord’s whereabouts on Earth led her to Swami, through a series of experiences and dreams, one in which Bhagawan lovingly led her to the Purnachandra Hall and explained to her who He is known as, and where He resides. From this point onwards, Shobhnaben’s faith in Swami grew and flourished.

The next guest speaker was Mr Dipakbhai Fakey OBE, founder of the Good Values club, who had kindly travelled from Leicester to inspire devotees with his words of wisdom. He brought to our attention the great development in SSEHV taking place in the UK, and the positive effect the programme has led to in his students. The speech was ended with a story, a story reinforcing our role as an instrument at the Lotus Feet.

After a few concluding Malas, the programme was rounded up with an energetic and uplifting bhajan session, with the divine energy generated from the Laksharchana shining through every devotee as they sang their heart out to the Lord.

After such as spiritual and successful day, even Swami had blessed the day with drizzles of Amrit on his photo-Thank you Bhagawan!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Swami for the strength He granted to every single person who took part in the organisation and conveyance of this beautiful Sadhana.

Sai Ram

With Love,
Ketan Parmar
Sai Region 5 - Bolton