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Region 4 - Narborough Sai Centre Celebrate New Years Eve

The transition from 2013 to 2014 was an energetic and filled with positive vibes and many blessings. The Narborough Sai Centre of Leicester had many of Beloved Baba's Devotees all gathered together as a big family to celebrate the beginning of the New Year in pure Satchitanandam.

Before the evening had even begun, whilst the devotees were making themselves comfortable for the programme, Beloved Baba had shown His presence by dropping a beautiful yellow flower from His chair. It fell into His lap just as the three Om's were about to be chanted.

The night began with a collection of classical bhajan's sung by Swami's Children, all were sung with such beauty and grace. After an hour of exhilarating naam smaran, the Sai family presented a very lively Hanuman Chalisa to Bhagawan in the raag of pure dedication, Shravan. With the first hour over, Dr Kishan Gadhia, and ardent devotee of our Lord, spoke about Bhagawan and how He is always with each and every one of us and he also shared some of our Beloved Swami's Leela’s. After the short talk was over, two Sai Brothers gave a short interactive presentation about Swami's Teachings and how to live out His words.

The last hour was enjoyed thoroughly by all that were in the presence of Bhagwan as the youth had prepared a beautiful medley which said goodbye to 2013 and welcomed 2014 with a Jai Kaar for Bhagawan. The youth had spent many, many hours preparing and rehearsing the medley, the hard work and efforts of each one of them was shown that evening. Bhajans, prayers and musical interludes were woven together to create a very vibrant and powerful medley which was offered to Beloved Baba along with some flowers from two of the youngest youths who were taking part in this musical offering. At exactly 12am, the Aarti was sung with lots of love and devotion from each and every person that stood in front of Swami.

New Years Eve at Narborough Sai Centre was an explosion of positive Vibrations, Love, Devotion and Pure Bliss. The medley which was offered at Swami's Lotus Feet on the day in form of a card which will be sent to Prashanti to be put on Bhagawan Baba's Maha Samadhi.

Let us hope and pray that this New Year, He brings the whole of humanity all over the world lots of peace, love and many opportunities for Bhagawan's Children to serve Him.

Jai Sai Ram
Neelam Solanki
Active Sai Youth