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Love and Light

Region 1 - Special Events at Merton Sai Centre

Ask a five year old SSE child to tell you the meaning of Christmas day. Youíll be surprised with the amount of detail and spirituality they could entwine in an answer.
Christmas Festivities are always fondly remembered by the SSE children as they progress through their years of education. Why is that so? Itís not only because of the abundance of sweets and presents that they receive but the amount of happiness and smiles that surround them and the confidence thatís placed in them knowing they are one of Swamis children and are supported by such a loving community.
Following in great tradition, this yearís Christmas celebrations at the Center on the Christmas day itself, started at 3pm with the Group1 and Nursery children, ages five to Seven, and their enactment of the Nativity Tale (One with God).

Along with Joseph and Mary were Angels, Stars, Inn-keepers, rabbits and donkeys each portraying Swamiís teachings in modern-day context. It was touching to see the children excited and fully engaged with the play and the audience was left in laughter and food- for thought from the explained wisdoms.
The success of the day was truly a credit to the hard-work and commitment of the children, SSE teachers and parent helpers, who pulled together through long rehearsal hours and worked as a team to find costumes, teach dances, provide food for the children and improve and practice lines outside rehearsals.

This consistent dedication over two months, has clearly given the children a lot of confidence and a platform to blossom.

The play was also aided by the Scouts group, who put together the Manger, Stable and the SSE choir who provided such beautiful melodies in-between scenes. Being able to watch their performance was a blessing and the sheer variety and talent shown on the day was a true example of how swami has been guiding his children.

New Year 2014

New year's eve, New Year's day & 33rd Anniversary of the Sai Mandir Inauguration day celebrations.
Devotees of the Center welcomed in the New Year with vibrant bhajans held until midnight on New Yearís Eve. The celebrations continued the following day with chanting, commemorating the 33rd Anniversary of the Sai Mandir at the temple.

The ceremony on New Yearís Day commenced with the temple priest performing auspicious rituals with offerings into the consecrated fire. Devotees then chanted the 1008 Sanskrit phrases of our beloved swami whilst the offering yellow rice to pictures of swami given to the individuals. Both gents and ladies took it in turns to offer their pranams at the lotus feet of Swami and offer flowers while the priest continued the necessary rituals. The celebration ended with bhajans and managala Arathi. Devotees left with an immense feeling of grace and vibration bestowed upon them.