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Region 3 - Young Adults Programme: Messenger "Service to Man is Service to God"

Om Sai Ram,

Following on from the National Youth Conference in February, Region 3 Youth have focused on the theme of ‘Master, Message & Messenger’ for 2013. We started the year exploring the various attributes of Bhagawan as our Master and the message He delivered to Mankind. The December Young Adults Programme [YAP], being the final session of the year provided the opportunity to put into practice the aspect of being a Messenger of Bhagawan.

Swami has said in the past, that "when service is done in the spirit of selflessness it will lead to self- realization..." and that by engaging ourselves in service our lives will be sanctified, and that it is the best way to earn God’s Love.

On Sunday 8th December 2013, a group of 12 youth from across 7 Sai Centers in Region 3, met in central London (Strand) at 7:30am, to distribute over 70 lunch bags, Tea and Coffee to the various homeless people that gathered around that vicinity. As well as lunch bags, gloves and thermal socks were distributed and the Ladies of Region 3 had also knitted a hats and scarves sets, which were also given out.

The lunch bags were donated, collected and prepared the night prior by many other youth in the Region. The beauty of this project lay in not only seeing the act of selfless service done on the day, but in also seeing various youth, of different age groups, different backgrounds and different centres, coming together under one name, for one cause, and serving our fellow brothers and sisters as well as our Beloved Bhagawan.

This was the second most recent homeless feeding activity conducted by the youth to date. The first being conducted on Avatarhood Declaration Day (as part of the ‘Serve the Planet’ initiative). The youth that have attended and contributed to these activities have all given positive feedback. Some of the youth had not previously been engaged in active service, and this opportunity was a new and rewarding experience. The success of these activities depend on team work, and it was evident and pleasing to see the youth working together in order to ensure that all the individuals were served with upmost love and care. We were also able to lend a kind ear to those we served and engaging with them only confirmed that this was worthwhile service.

Following on from these activities many of the youth have further expressed their willingness to contribute and to ‘do more’. One of the most positive aspects of these activities is seeing youth become inspired and perhaps begin the process of inner enquiry as to what they can do to better their offering to Bhagawan.

Bhagawan has always emphasized on the importance of service; in fact, most recently in Thought of the Day from Prashanthi:

"People worship God with devotion and sincerity, but God is not satisfied with external worship. You should serve society. Only service can confer bliss on you.By rendering service to society, you can alleviate the sufferings of the people, and also bring about transformation in their lives. YadBhavam Tad Bhavathi (as is the feeling, so is the result).When you serve with sacred feelings, it is bound to yield sacred results.Serve society to your utmost capacity.The satisfaction that you get by participating in bhajans is temporary, whereas service confers permanent satisfaction.Time is the most precious gift of God,but you are wasting it in vain pursuits and unsacred feelings.Sanctify the time given to you by serving society.Through service alone you can get rid of worries, ego, pomp and show,and other evil qualities..."
(Divine Discourse, Aug 22, 2000)

So, it is with this great thought and guidance that the region 3 youth shall now start continuing with this service activity – the aim shall be to conduct this on a once-every-two months basis, in which opportunities will be given to one and all, to engage in the various avenues presented by this project.

We thank Bhagwan for this continued guidance and pray to him to continue to inspire and direct our efforts as we begin the New Year.

Jai Sai Ram.
Kapil-Dev Prasher, Region 3 Youth Coordinator