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Region 6 - "Happiness": Reflection after Decembers i2I Session


“The sessions (i2I workshops) awakened the knowledge that I had acquired through Swami's teaching but somehow detached them from my every day life. It gave me the confidence and the beautiful realisation that divinity is everywhere and most importantly that it is not a far fetched journey but a process of evaporation of the maya! It is the current that is running within us but needs the occasional spark to remind us of our true power!”


Happiness I utter softly
What can it really be?
To feel or be complete?

Is it a journey, a pursuit?
How can it be?
For I would jump on they train to reach a better plane.

Happiness I utter again more firmly.
Is it not living in awareness unfettered by good, nor tainted by the bad.

Happiness I beam out loud.
Is it not shredding the personality or
refining ones projections to break the shackles of the world.

Happiness, happiness, happiness
It is always here
Within us all
Laying silently, glowing forth

Happiness, I smile
It is knowingly knowing
Loving without a cause.
Happiness, I smile,
It is everything to be.

~ Sai Ram ~
Region 6 Youth