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Region 1 - Wimbledon Sai Centre New Years Bhajan 2014

Towards the run up to New Years Day, we all spend time, planning out how we are going to spend new years eve, we think about all the resolutions we conquered (or didnít), and we begin to think about what resolutions to set for the new year to come. Every year we can chose to do something different, but we all know the best way to spend New Years is with our family. Which is why every New Years Day morning, Wimbledon Sai Centre, opens its doors to their extended Sai family, to welcome the New Year with our Eternal Mother. However it is an extra special day for Wimbledon Sai Centre, as it is also the day that the Centre was inaugurated. To celebrate such an auspicious day, we always begin the procession with a Ganesha Puja. A local priest from Stoneleigh Temple, performs the ritual and blesses us all and the centre to lead an obstacle free year.

This is followed by vibrating echoes of universal Vedic Chanting, and multi-faith prayers, to instil in our minds our unity in diversity. Which leads us beautifully into the soul inspiring Bhajans, which brings the whole congregation together in joyous melody, syncing everyone with the wonderful thoughts of the Divine Lord to reverberate within us throughout the year. If that wasn't enough to spiritually put us on the right track, we were swiftly moved to the fast lane, with a captivating melodious Carnatic musical rendition. This consisted of the Flute, Violin, Mrithangam and Morsing performed by highly talented youth. Divine music is known to have a curative virtue; it is a gift from God that brings healing and comfort to the soul. Which undeniably were the feelings that were materialised within all of us in the room. It truly was a wonderful way to begin 2014 and we can only look forward to what else our Divine Lord has planned for the rest of the year.

Wimbledon Sai Centre