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Youth Wing - Sai Smaran Bhajans

"Sing aloud the glory of God and charge the atmosphere with divine adoration . . . This is why I insist on group singing of the names of the Lord". This is the Divine Directive of our beloved Bhagawan Baba.

And so, to welcome the New Year and charge ourselves with divine vibrations for the year ahead, the first National Event in 2014 began with Sai Smaran Bhajans: The 6th such in the series to date. One cannot help but offer deep gratitude to our dear Swami for the way in which this event has taken shape and form over the past year and a half, from its early inception, into what is now a widely anticipated and nationally well-received event.

On a wintry but crisp morning of the 11th of January 2014, devotees and bhajan singers and musicians from various parts of UK assembled by 10am at the Oxhey School in Watford, London. The day commenced with prayers and a welcome address by Dr.Kiran Patel, our respectable National Chairperson. Kiran Uncle, during his talk, emphasized the importance which Bhagawan placed on ‘Namasmarana’ (chanting of the Divine Name) and Sankeerthana (singing together to God) , and how fortunate we are to be gathered together under one roof for engaging in this holy activity. He also touched upon the benefits of ‘Sankeerthana’ to our body, mind and spirit as individuals members of a large Sai family. These opportunities and benefits one should not take lightly, he reminded us all aptly.

Immediately afterwards, we were all treated to an absorbing session of ‘divine music’: An instrumental offering of South Indian Classical Carnatic Music. Our young but highly acclaimed musicians, brother Yadesan on the flute and brother Sai Ganesh on the mrudangam, enthralled the minds and captivated the hearts of the gathered devotees with two main pieces: ‘Sri Pathe’ in Raga Nagaswaravali and ‘Baro Krishnayya’ in Ragamalika. Fond memories of the ‘good old days’ of Prasanthi Nilayam, when our beloved Bhagawan would ‘glide towards us’ during Darshan times whilst devotional instrumental music played in the background, flooded the minds of many who were assembled in the hall. Such sublime ambience was generated by the duo during their 15 minute rendition, preparing us amply to sing from our hearts, as Bhagawan encourages us to do whenever we pray.

The ‘bhajan fest’ that followed for the next 5 hours was so thrilling and energetic! One devotee said that after sitting down at 10:30am, he had not left his seat until 2:45pm! And there were many like this in the hall. This was a testimony to the Bhakti (devotion) and Prema (Love) that the singers and musicians had expressed in their various bhajan offerings to our dear Swami. Everyone felt grateful to our Bhagawan for this experience. The coming together of many brothers and sisters with one focus and one goal, which is to offer our best to Swami in humility and gratitude, is what has attracted His Grace on us, allowed us to experience such unsullied joy, and contributed to such a successful event.

The Bhajans concluded with Arathi and Vibhuti prayer. Our National Spiritual Coordinator, Dr Veeru Mudigonda, summarized the blissful ambience prevailing in the hall and the feelings of joy in the hearts of everyone when he said in his short speech, that the Bhajans have made us feel ‘One with Sai’. He requested everyone to carefully preserve this experience within us and take it back to our homes, communities, workplaces and Sai Centres so that the happiness could be spread around. This is our opportunity to make our lives His Message, and to serve Him thus.

I feel that it is this spirit of togetherness and happiness, of 'work is worship, duty is God', that we must continue with in our daily lives, be it within our respective Sai Centres, our respective regions, or as demonstrated at Sai Smaran, at National Sathsangs! After all, each of us is a contemporary of our beloved Bhagawan and owe it to ourselves to continue with His Work and His Mission.

I pray to Bhagawan that more opportunities are given to us, where we all work together in His name!

P. Kapil Dev
Regional Youth Coordinator,
Region 3, SSSSO UK.