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Youth Wing - National Sathya Sai Orientation Conference – Reflections from Youth Perspectives

“The NSSOC paved the way for what I can only describe as a new beginning and the opportunity to continue to serve our Dearest Swami. With a beautiful film on the accomplishments from 2013, this was followed by an inspiring clip of Dr Samuel Sandweiss which made me feel like he was truly in the room with us! Morning Workshops discussed how Swami's Word is found in all his actions. We also discussed how to ensure our words are in perfect sync to what we do.

As is the norm for all Sai activity organised with love and bundles of devotion, the yummy lunch provided us with the refreshment our bodies needed. A quick spritz of Bhajans enabled us all to refresh and be ready for an afternoon of energy and motivation.

A personal highlight for me was the youth workshop filled with debate and honest discussions. Whilst it is so often easy to isolate ourselves when we face problems, the workshop showed me just how many other youth are in the same boat. Coming together also united everyone and for the first time had representation from youth serving Swami in small centres through to national and international levels, enabling everyone to see the bigger picture and ensure everyone is on the same page.

The afternoon continued with a review of the service activities in disaster stricken Philippines, followed by a humorous touch with a beautifully written and expertly executed poem by brother Sanjay depicting a conversation between Swami and his devotee. Images of Swami were featured to emphasise various points in the poem which caused much laughter amongst all of us, particularly Swami wearing headphones!

The day concluded with beautifully rendered Bhajans and Arthi. I personally felt energised and more equipped to handle any obstacles with ease knowing that I had the strength of a family that I felt grew closer that uplifting Saturday and most importantly Swami's presence as my guide.”

Mathurini Visakan
Former Youth Coordinator, Merton Sai Centre
Region 1

“The National Sathya Sai Orientation Conference was an amazing experience from start to finish. The atmosphere was filled with an abundance of Sai energy which was immense. It was great to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who want to make a difference in the organisation and to the community.

The whole journey and meaning about being an Office Bearer is about finding out who we truly are and to find that special spark from within us and to put it into thought, word and deed, in other words self- transformation. We should also not forget that we are, one with sai. If Sai can achieve so much we can too with severe perseverance and dedication. We need to have divine vision towards all that we do and spread the message through ourselves as we are all reflections of Swami. One small step is the starting point, so let us all be an example to those around us and be proactive individuals by doing our duty to our highest capability. We have all been chosen for a reason; it was not a random happening.

Thank you Swami

Yours in Sai Service”

Aranee Navaratnam
Youth Coordinator, Luton Sai Centre
Region 3

“New year brings changes and new resolutions in the lives of many of us. It brought some changes to our Sai Organisation too as some members changed their duties, some received new ones and some left theirs.

In relation to that, on the 25th of January the active members and leaders of our Sai Centres came together to the National Orientation Day from around the country. It was an opportunity for everyone to meet our National Sai leaders and to get updates of the latest activities and projects. We aligned our strategies, ideas and projects and had a chance to understand the direction that our Organisation should be going towards this year.

The Youth Wing embraced several new members too and we were able to meet each other, make friends and receive the necessary support. Personally, coming from Region 5, I got a better understanding about what is happening Nationwide and what the youth in other Regions are up to. It was pleasing to know how very important we are for each other and it was somehow uniting for us, as we understood that everyone around the UK faces more or less similar difficulties.

We also discussed the new vision for Sai Youth: to unite Sai Youth across the UK focused on one goal: to make our life HIS message. Moreover, to serve the wider community; following Swami’s message ‘Service to Man is service to God’. Compared to our neighbours in Europe and looking from an International perspective, I understood that Seva projects should gain more importance in UK. As energetic and young people we should be taking on more Seva opportunities and to be keener on getting our hands dirty by helping the needy.

Fortunately, the Sai Youth have many nice ideas and initiatives buzzing around in their heads and once implemented they could benefit a lot of the communities nationwide. The innovative young people will need support from every one of us, and every wing in the Sai Organisation has exciting plans ahead. Therefore, we should all work closely together as one team to achieve every goal in our service projects and truly make our life Swami’s message.”

Milda Petraityte
Youth Coordinator, Greater Manchester Sai Centre
Region 5