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Region 3 - New Year and 35th Anniversary Celebrations

On January 18th 2014, Hatfield Sai Centre held their New Year & 35th Anniversary Celebrations. The centre was founded on 20th January 1979 (with support from Central London Sai Centre) by Mr D. Amirthanandan (Amir Uncle) who till this day, at the age of 92, continues to attend the centre and sing Bhajans along with his wife, Mrs Pathma Amirthanandan – affectionately known to all as “Pathma auntie”.

The programme proceeded with a short darshan video of Swami allowing everyone to contemplate and re-live their Prashanthi Nilayam experiences; this also set the tone for the rest of the programme. The next hour was filled with vibrant bhajans and everybody felt that they really were seated before Swami’s Mahasamadhi – as a large image of this was also projected onto the screen before them. This was followed by guided Jyoti meditation.

To add to the sacred atmosphere, two of Swami’s discourses were then projected onto the screen. The first one encapsulated Swami’s verdict on duty and its essence. Swami spoke to the youth about their responsibility to their parents as well as the peer relations and how this should be formed. Swami used the analogy of comparing a physical ship to friendship and said that friends are only temporary, for a ship always sinks! He emphasised that life must be lived with no excessive attachment.

During the second discourse, Swami spoke about the parity of all religions and faiths. He said that the reason why there is so much war and hatred in the world is this belief that one religion is superior to another. To solve this, we must look for the Peace within us and spread the Love around us! “Swami is in you, around you, above you, below you!” He said. Though there may be numerous factors to take into consideration in terms of increasing the unity between them, Swami summed up saying that the most significant factor was to spread the light of love that will get rid of the dark ignorance. “This being not only in you, but within the people you come across every day”. Swami concluded his discourse with the bhajan: HariBhajanaBinaSukha Shanti Nahi; Without Singing to the Lord There’s No Peace or Happiness!

The programme finished with fast bhajans, MangalaAarti and announcements during which our centre chair, RanjeSivakumar, issued the programme for the year ahead which was presented at the Lotus Feet of our dearest Swami by the SSE and youth of Hatfield Sai Centre. Finally, she explained that, with Swami’s grace, Hatfield Sai Centre had rejuvenated the centre website with integrated Centre, Regional and National announcements as well as latest bhajan recordings and pictures from various programmes.

Jai Sai Ram!

Sahil Kotecha & Sawan Kotecha
Youth Coordinators