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Region 3 - Young Adults Programme: 9 Point Code of Conduct

On February 15, youth from Region 3 came together for its first Young Adults Programme [YAP] session of 2014. Around 25 youth from centres all over the region attended this session, in Newbury Park, Ilford aiming to elicit the importance and benefits of the 9-point Code of Conduct, which is the focus and theme for YAPs in the youth wing this year. We were fortunate enough to be also joined by our National Youth Coordinator, Brother Shyam Jamnadas.

The session began in earnest; with discussion around what we felt were the perceptions of the Sai Youth within our own centers, communities and wider society. This led to exploring what we as youth considered were the characteristics of an ideal Sai Youth and how we try to meet these expectations on a day-to-day basis. It was a great opportunity for us to explore Swami’s own message on character and how it applies to every stage of our lives as youth, from being a student right the way to work and family life.

Everyone’s contributions to the discussions were insightful and many of us could draw parallels within our own lives when we listened to each other’s experiences. It naturally became apparent how valuable the 9 point code of conduct was in order for us as youth to manage our lives in line with Swami’s teachings. The significance of the 9-point code of conduct was illustrated aptly by one of the Brothers who compared to it a car manual:

The manufacturer of a car provides an instruction manual with it. This is to enable the driver to operate the car effectively and efficiently on its journey from A to B. If we were to liken ourselves to the car and Swami to its manufacturer, then the 9- point Code of Conduct would be the instruction manual given to us by Swami to navigate smoothly during our earthly existence as we journey to realize the Ultimate Truth.

There was much food for thought and the discussions left many of the youth with the encouragement and yearning to put into practice the teachings of the 9-point code of conduct.

We then had the opportunity to hear Brother Shyam share some of his most cherished experiences of Swami’s teachings in his own life and how they related to Swami’s words: Follow the Master, Face the devil, Fight to the end and Finish the Game. He concluded the session with a video showcasing the sheer grit and determination of Derek Redmond as he finished the 400m semi-final at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics despite sustaining a hamstring injury. But perhaps more pertinent still was seeing his father, breaking the security barriers and coming to support his son till he reached the finishing line. For a lot of us, that scene blurred our sight with tears as we recounted the many times Swami has been there for us in our darkest hours, eternally encouraging us and ensuring that we too pass the finishing post.

The next YAP session will be held on the 9th March 2014 hosted by Thurrock Sai Group at Orsett Village Hall, Mill Lane, Essex, RM16 3HB. The topic will be on theme of Point 5 of the Code of Conduct – regular attendance of devotional meetings – and entitled 'Hari Bhajana Bina Sukha Shanthi Nahi – can there be peace or happiness without singing the glory of God?' The session will start at 10:45am with Jyothi (Light) Meditation, followed by Bhajans and Study Circle, before concluding with Aarti at 13:15. All are welcome.

Jai Sai Ram.
Region 3 Sai Youth