Region 3 - SSE School Sports day

Our Region 3 SSE school sports day started with great flare and enthusiasm as our Olympic themed teams cheered and carried their patriotic banners, starting the day with a torch procession toward Swami’s altar.

After pranams (salutation), the teams (each in their representative colours; yellow for Africa, green for Americas, black for Asia, red for Europe and blue for Oceania) made their way back to their gazebos, proudly and loudly chanting their respective slogans in wait for the races to begin.

Within minutes the races began, including the 100m, long jump, obstacle race and relay, in which all the children participated with brilliant teamwork and determination. Of course the parents and teachers also joined in with equal gusto and sporting spirit, some of which were just as or even more so competitive than the children themselves!

The team spirit could be heard miles off, through loud cheering and chants, which incorporated Swami’s values and teaching of teamwork and friendship.

After a relaxing lunch in the sun, there was free time with something for everyone! From participating in friendly matches of cricket, rounders or football to playing on the bouncy castle, getting pretty henna designs done and face painting fun. Shortly after, it all came down to the much-anticipated ‘tug of love’.
With much energy, strength and after many rope burns each team was tested to the limit, particularly in the continents vs continents, in which the winning team’s power of unity and perseverance led them to victory!

After all the fun and competition, it was time for ice-cream and we all settled down as the winners were announced. The day drew to a close with Arthi to Bhagawan where we offered our heartfelt thanks to our beloved Swami for making such an exciting and energising day possible.