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Region 6 - You Take One Step...

When a mishap befalls us, it is very easy to turn away from God. Sometimes, however, it is just this mishap that serves to bring us that much closer. Some years ago, a young man named Alok incurred such a calamity. Alok described it in the following way:

“I am a computer science graduate, travelled extensively in my job, often meeting dignitaries in the process. In 2007, however, when I was 32, I had a car accident while driving to the temple with my wife and daughter. All three of us were injured. I suffered a serious spinal injury and became tetraplegic. This body became paralysed from the neck down. My wife got a pelvis fracture and wrist fracture. Our daughter also suffered cervical injury, leaving her right hand paralysed.

From being ‘top of the world’ in my career, life completely changed and I was confined to a bed spending several months in hospital. After going through the literature about spinal cord injury, I realised that I will never walk or use my hands again.”

Alok has since been living at Branksome Park Care Centre in Poole. Few members of the Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation (UK) recently came to hear about Alok who started to visit him and provide something that we all seem to have little of, these days….Time. They visited Alok just to chat with him, sing bhajans, exchange spiritual thoughts and share Swami’s teachings The event is best described by Alok himself.

"I have come to know Sathya Sai Baba through His followers and feel very fortunate to be with people who are making time to support others. This supports me out of my negativity, depression and to start feeling good by sharing happiness/sorrow.

The Satsang was organised at the care home on Sunday, 16 February 2014. Over 40 devotees attended the function. The session started with some discourses followed with Gayathri Mantras, multifaith prayers, vedas chanting and devotional songs. This was accompanied by a power point presentation containing the lyrics of all the prayers, mantras and devotional songs.

All participants were uplifted by the programme and took away the message of Love and Faith. It all happened with the blessings of Sai Baba, because, otherwise from last many days the weather was very strongly windy and also my health was not good. However, on the day of the Satsang, the weather was all clear & bright and also after struggling with by low blood pressure for the initial half an hour, I managed to attend the whole session.”

When we take one step toward Him, He always responds…That does not mean he will not test us along the way! He is Love, He is compassion, our beloved Swami Thank you for being in our lives.

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