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Region 6 - Laksharchana Held by Farnborough Sai Centre to Celebrate Shivrathri

A Laksharchana was held in the Tamu Nepalese Community Hall in Mychett by Mr Vadgama on Friday, 28th February, to celebrate Mahashivarathri.

The event was well attended by devotees from the Farnborough Sai Centre and other devotees from Region 6.

Beautiful bhajans were sung before, during and after the chanting. The chanting itself was done in five malas and went surprisingly fast. As we progressed, the malas got faster and faster and it was hard to believe that each mala had come to an end. I am sure this was due to Mr Vadgama’s amazing energy. The energy generated by the Laksharchana was extremely powerful and carried us along. Uncle Vadgama told us, with great humour, some miraculous stories of Swami’s intervention in his life and Dr Upadhyay gave us a very interesting talk on the meaning of Shivarathri. He also talked to us about his time in Nepal and recounted a truly amazing story about a leper and an unwilling participant in one of his medical camps…again, another story clearly demonstrating Swami’s Omnipresence and Love. It was a story in a million and one would never tire of listening to it. Vibuthi manifested itself quite profusely on Swami’s picture as preparations were being made for the event and Amrit manifested itself on Shirdi Baba’s picture during the chanting. Later on, when Swami’s picture was taken back home, amrit also appeared on it. How blessed we all were to be able to attend and participate and how grateful we are to the Farnborough Sai for always going out of their way to arrange and organise such events. Their hard work, openheartedness, cheerfulness and willingness to serve is an inspiration to the rest of us and a pleasure to receive.

Mercini Sherrat
Region 6