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Region 2 - Uncle Fize Mohammed’s speech at Harrow West Sai Centre

Every year, from February to November, people from our Sai centre go to Hare Krishna farm in Watford once a month to take part in seva activities. After the Winter break, on the 16th of February 2014, my family and I travelled to the Hare Krishna Farm along with other people from our Sai Centre.

While the men worked in the fields, the children did seeding in little pots. After three hours of working diligently, I was approached by Uncle Jerry who had a request. The request was if I could take notes during Uncle Fize’s speech later that day at Harrow West Sai Centre. I happily agreed.

Uncle Fize spoke very lovingly for about half an hour and finished his talk with a beautiful song about Allah. These were my notes:

Uncle Fize is an SSE teacher who loves his students. He said how some of the students from his centre had been good role models for their parents. Swami’s quote: The dust of my student’s feet will create the future.

Benefits of family prayers: The family stays together, children learn confidence and respect.

As the teacher, so is the student. The teachers need to be good examples to the students.

It is important to do sadana.

At the end, he told us some jokes that his SSE children had said during fun time in class. Here is one: A student came very late to school. The teacher asked him why he was late and the boy replied, “I saw a sign outside the school that said ‘school, go slow’. So I walked slowly!”

Arthesh Jeyaseelan
G2Y2 SSE student