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Region 3 - Multi-Faith Akhanda Bhajan in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

For the seventh consecutive year, the Sai Centres of Milton Keynes and Luton, held a Multi-Faith Akhanda Bhajan. Over a period of 24 hours, singers from the major faith groups of the world , as well as devotees from other Sai Centres, sang devotional songs. The venue this year was the enchanting wooden Nipponzan Myohoji Japanese Buddhist Temple, near the picturesque and tranquil Willen Lake. The temple has alongside it a Peace Pagoda, the first of its kind in Europe. The monks at the temple were very accommodating, letting the Sai devotees have free run of the establishment. Brother Francis said “Never have I seen such unity and joy in an organisation such as the SSSSO”. An exhibition of Swami’s work was put up, and the Deputy Mayor of the city attended, and praised the organisers, saying that “events such as these play an important role in encouraging multiculturalism”. Everyone, especially the Sai Spiritual Education children, performed beautifully. The sense of peace and harmony prevailing was felt by everyone who attended the event. The Sai devotees ensured that all visitors (more than 200) were well cared for, with meals being provided for everyone. The weather held out, and all the visitors said they looked forward to coming back in 2011 !