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Region 2 - Shivarathri Celebrations at Harrow West Sai Centre

2nd March 2014

'Once, when everything in all the worlds got reduced into Lord Shiva, in that darkness of nothing present, the Mother Parvati worshipped Lord Shiva in the Agamic way, with great devotion. The Parameshwara, pleased by Her prayers, blessed Her. She asked, for the benefit of all the creatures, that whoever worships Lord Shiva on the Shivarathri day – with sincerity and devotion – should be blessed, and should be given the ultimate liberation.'

On the 2nd March, Harrow West Sai Centre celebrated the auspicious occasion of Shivarathri. The phrase ‘many hands make light work’ was indeed proved to be true as all the wings came together to celebrate with prayers, bhajans and sincerity to strengthen our connection with the Lord. With the dedication and manpower of the active members, the intense few hours beforehand saw us transform the stage into a humble replication of Mount Kailash, whilst preparations also went on for the highly-anticipated Abhishekham and pooja.

Powerful vibrations were felt from the start as Brother Ranjan conducted the Abishekham, with the build-up of energy from the Vedam chanting, Bilvastakam and Lingastakam touching and purifiying every individual in the hall. Each devotee was given the opportunity to personally offer their worries and doubts to Lord Shiva in the form of bilva leaves, whilst the guiding commentary and melodious bhajans allowed each member of the congregation to become more involved in the pooja. Culminating in the Mantra Pushpam, Aarthi and Kshama Praarthana, a small video was played to conclude the celebrations, featuring clips of the famous Abishekhams where the young Swami would materialise sacred Vibhuti from an empty pot, and the amazing Lingams of all stones and sizes Swami would expel every Shivarathri.

As the programme ended, the sweet mix of milk and dravyas from the Abishekham was distributed among the devotees. The charged atmosphere that could be felt in every inch of Oxhey Wood speaks for itself on the success of the event, in which many were moved to tears. However, none of this could have been achieved without the loving support and commitment of the Harrow West active members; they put a lot of time, passion and muscle into making this event a success. Heartfelt thanks go to each member of our Harrow West family…and of course, thank you Swami for walking with us every step of the way, and for being a constant source of support, compassion and guidance.

Sathya Premachandra
G3Y1 SSE student