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Sathya Sai Information Technology & Arts (SITA) Team has been an integral part of Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation for many years, currently functioning as part of the Service Wing. SITA is a platform for collective effort in the realms of Technology aimed at serving the Divine Mission of our Lord Sathya Sai in an effective and enjoyable way. It’s main objective is to coordinate the skills and expertise that devotees in UK wish to offer at Bhagawan’s divine feet, as their gratitude and loving service.

As the name implies, the team covers a wide range of activities undertaken by our sacred Organisation. Currently, for the sake of effective functioning, the activities have been categorised under the following:

  1. IT and Communications Division- Web Team (programmers, content support); Public Relations Team (media, legal, event management, hospitality). Lead Coordinator: Mr Jamie Raju
  2. Publications Division- Graphic Designers, Proof Readers, Journalists, Writers. Lead Coordinator: Dr. Amit Patel
  3. Audio-visual Division- Sound Team, Live Vision Team, Photography Team, Lighting Team, Post-Production Team, Web Stream. Lead Coordinator: Mr. Roshan Patel
  4. Archiving Division: Lead Coordinator: Mr Ramesh Mistry

Those of us serving in the SITA Team welcome everyone to join us and get involved, whether it is your profession or your hobby. We are open to all, as we are always learning and adapting to the situations and requirements as time progresses. We feel that every task that we have been given is an opportunity to offer ourselves to Beloved Bhagawan; and whether we are planning prior to events, or functioning at live events, or producing material post events so as to share with everyone through avenues such as Love and Light and the National Website, we strive to do it to the best of our ability as this is what our Beloved Swami accepts from us. I request and encourage anyone who is interested to know more or join the SITA team to contact us at servicewing@srisathyasai.org.uk

SITA is comprised of individuals that also attend their local respective centres or groups. For instance in my case, being involved at centre level, I was able to carry my skills over to a regional level and I am now able to help in the various areas we have established within the organisation and the SITA team. Being part of the team has enabled me to meet and interact with numerous members from the organisation. It gives me great pleasure to serve Swami, whether it be at centre, regional or national programs. Being able to take part in service and serve in various ways is heaven for me. I believe this is what makes Swami’s Organisation so unique and great!

Roshan Patel
SITA Audio-visual Lead ,
Service Wing, SSSSO UK