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Region 3 - Young Adults Programme

9 Point Code of Conduct: Regular attendance at devotional meetings conducted by the organisation

On Sunday 9th March, Thurrock Sai Group hosted the second regional Young Adults Programme [YAP] session of 2014. The study circle ran for an hour following regular bhajans and was facilitated by brother Thanusan from Walthamstow centre. The topic was point 5 of the 9 point code of conduct: regular attendance at devotional meetings conducted by the organisation. This topic was very appropriate as we were holding our monthly group bhajans at the time.

Brother Thanusan opened the discussion with the question: What constitutes the Sai Organisation? We talked about the various structures in place such as the Prasanthi council, the zones, countries and regions in the organisation but ultimately hit upon the centre as the base unit of the Organisation.

We then discussed why we go to centre. To generate ideas we held this part of the discussion in the form of a debate where one side would argue in favour of regular centre attendance whilst the other would argue that it was not necessary (it was indeed a challenge for devotees to hold a conflicting viewpoint however it aided the discussion greatly). We also discussed our own personal motivations of attending centre.

We then discussed what we would like to see more of in our centres and how we can improve it for future generations. This is a very important theme for the youth as we will be driving the centres forward in future years.

To close we were asked to think of a bhajan that has particular meaning for us, and the memories it evokes from our experiences in the centre. Here we got to share warm experiences with some of the devotees in attendance.

The session was very successful and thought provoking.

Jai Sai Ram
Nayan Dave
Youth Cordinator, Thurrock Sai Centre, Region 3